Freight Transportation LCA Database

Database Overview

The freight transportation LCA database (tLCAdb) is a repository of life cycle emissions results from a several research projects. The results reported in the database are from the following studies:

Nahlik et al. (Expected 2015)
Matthew Nahlik, Andrew Kaehr, Mikhail Chester, Arpad Horvath, and Michael Taptich, Expected 2015, Goods Movement Life Cycle Assessment for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals, Journal of Industrial Ecology Volume and Issue Forthcoming, doi:10.1111/jiec.12277.

Facanha and Horvath (2007)
Cristiano Facanha and Arpad Horvath, 2007, Evaluation of Life-Cycle Air Emission Factors of Freight Transportation, Environmental Science & Technology 41(20), pp. 7138-7144 doi:10.1021/es070989q.